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98 Acre Resort & Spa

A boutique hotel with panoramic views of the Ella Gap

Built on a scenic tea estate on 98 acres of land in gorgeous Ella, 98 Acres Resort and Spa once belonged to a colonial-era tea estate, famously known as the ‘Southerland Tea Estate’. The old plantation has been converted into a promising, eco-friendly boutique hotel with stunning views of Little Adam’s Peak and the Ella Gap.

The uniquely designed resort blends well with nature and consists of charming chalets mostly made of recyclable substance. Discarded railway sleepers are put to good use in the making of decks and walls at the resort. Rough, hewn granite lend simple elegance to the floors of chalets adorned with thatched roofs of ‘Illuk’ straw that adds to their rustic beauty. The exquisite countryside, breathtaking views and exciting nature trails will assure you of a memorable holiday at one of the most breathtaking Ella hotels in the region. For guests who prefer to fly in, the resort-owned helipad is located just five to ten minutes away from the property.

The Hotel is an ideal choice for families, nature lovers and honeymooners.


Main Amenities

  • 25 guestrooms
  • Restaurant and Bar/Lounge
  • Full-service Spa
  • Outdoor Swimming Pool
  • Fitness center
  • Terrace
  • Garden
  • Fitness Centre
  • Free Wi-Fi Internet & Parking
  • 24-hour concierge & front desk