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Unique Moments...

Experience Sri Lanka in an extraordinary way.

Sri Lanka has a lot to offer visitors in search of unique encounters. Since not many are aware of all the blissful and unique experiences available in Sri Lanka, they end up struggling to catch a glimpse of the popular attractions in its crowded locations.

Though tiny in size, this island nation is brimming with rich attractions that will give you a taste of its untouched nature, unexplored villages, and unaltered heritage. Once you indulge in these hidden experiences, you will be able to see the real Sri Lanka. – peaceful and pristine!

Here are few exclusive experiences in Sri Lanka from our Secret Sri Lanka itineraries.

Come …. Explore a unique moment with Srilankan Voyages!

Surfing, Waves & Splash

Enjoy the best waves for surfing for beginners and advanced ones.


Trek Upper Diyaluma

Trek the 2nd highest waterfall with a 220-meter drop & enjoy one of many natural pools on top.


Colombo By Jeep

Cruise through Colombo in a World War II jeep and get an unobstructed 360-degree view of the city.


Wedding In Paradise

Sri Lanka – A perfect background for a perfect wedding to begin your love story.