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Wild Ventures...

From Tuskers to Leopards & Sloth Bears the best opportunities to see animals in their natural habitat.

The tiny island of Sri Lanka boasts a large variety of wildlife gracing its thick rain forests and mountainous reserves. Most of these places offer easy viewing by Safari Jeeps while in some you have the option of exploring the terrain by walking or trekking.

Popular for its large population of stealthy leopards and majestic elephants, Sri Lanka also has an abundant population of Sloth Bears, Crocodiles, Deer, Monkeys, and over 400 varieties of Birds of which over 200 are resident and 26 are endemic.

While the jungles are dense with life, the coastal waters are teeming with more exotic creatures. Located within the International Whale watching Commission’s protected zone in the Indian Ocean, whales and dolphins’ somersault over the turquoise blue waves providing you a spectacle lasting a lifetime. Out of the 80 species of cetaceans observed and identified worldwide, 26 are found in the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal, which we can freely observe at leisure.

Outside Africa, no other country or even continent for that matter can boast of the five big and enigmatic creatures with an exceptional strike rate of sightings as Sri Lanka can. Forbes (2019)

Look at our wildlife tours below to select the one you like. Customizing to your needs is always a possibility.

Come… Enjoy the wild of Sri Lanka with Srilankan Voyages.

Wild side of Sri Lanka

10 Nights 11 Days

Gathering of Asian elephants, meeting of Sri Lanka’s Aborigines – A unique experience in the wild


Adventures in the Wild

09 Nights 10 Days

Venture into Virgin rain forests. Spot seven wilds including gentle giants, wild cats & ocean mammals