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Trek Upper Diyaluma

Trek the 2nd highest waterfall with a 220-meter drop & enjoy one of many natural pools on top.


Trek Upper Diyaluma

Have you ever been swimming on top of a waterfall, let alone one with a 220-meter drop?

Experience the best of nature and adventure, trekking to the upper Diyaluma falls, the 2nd highest waterfall in the country. It is an enthralling and challenging hike atop a 220-meter waterfall comprising several natural pools surrounded by dense jungles and landscapes of resplendent wilderness.

Reach the top of Diyaluma falls, where there are several natural rock pools towards the edge of the precipice. Once the falls reach the edge, it cascades into one last pool before gushing down 220 metres into the large base pool below. Upon reaching the top, you would be spellbound with stunning views of mountains and lush greenery.

Come enjoy this unimaginable and challenging hike.


Getting to Diyaluma falls is not an overly easy feat.

Poonagala is the starting point of your hike to Diyaluma falls. From the village, walk south until you find the footpath right by the Makaldeniya bend, and the pathway emerging from the grassland. Follow this pathway downhill as this will lead you to upper Diyaluma falls.

Hiking downhill through long, dry grass, you will hear the sound of water rushing long before the stunning upper Diyaluma falls become visible.


During the summer months when the water levels have dropped, you can enjoy a refreshing swim at the various natural pools, including right on the edge of the main waterfall. It is basically the best infinity pool in the world, and definitely worth a chilly dip.

Alternatively, there are several larger, safer pools at the upper Diyaluma falls, but again, take precautions before diving in.


Where else in the world can you sit on the edge of a cliff next to a gushing 220m tall waterfall and just relax?


After a tough journey and hike to get to Diyaluma Falls, suggest sitting down on the rocky ledge, having a snack, and admiring the view for an hour or so.

Interested in trekking Upper Diyaluma?

Trek Sri Lanka's 2nd highest waterfall and take a dip at world's best infinity pool on top.