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Sri Lanka a birder’s paradise.

Diverse and favourable climatic conditions and natural habitats such as forests, scrublands, grasslands, wetlands, seas, and agricultural lands make Sri Lanka a regular wintering ground for migratory birds both terrestrial and aquatic. The country is home to 439 species of birds of which 236 are breeding residents, 203 migrants and the rest vagrants. Having 33...
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Chasing Sri Lanka’s Waterfalls

Sri Lanka, is quite well-known for its diversity & tourist attractions. Most visitors look at wildlife, amazing beaches, guided walks through the ancient cities to witness its heritage, mystic hills etc. However there is much more! Sri Lanka is home to some breath-taking and mesmerizing waterfalls scattered in abundance all over the island. Sri Lanka’s...
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Insight into Surfing in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the most reliable surfing destinations in the Indian Ocean. Add to that the friendly locals, palm-fringed beaches and rich cultural heritage, you have an easily accessible tropical surfing paradise! For the surf adventurer traveling to Sri Lanka, our advice is to base your stay in a location/village that fits your...
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Best places to visit in the Hills of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s Hill Country is the island at its most scenic, a mist-wrapped land of emerald peaks and amazing views, of hillsides carpeted with tea plantations and graced by astonishing waterfalls. This is a place where you can wear a fleece in the daytime and cuddle up beside a log fire in the evening. Where...
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Places that I visited in Sri Lanka

Colombo The Sri Lankan capital is a large, sprawling city with a metro population of over 5 million people. I stayed in a nice central suburb and had the privilege of a tour through this energetic and colourful city. I saw amazing arcades, Independence Square, Harbour Petta, Mount Lavinia, lavish markets as well as the...
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Travelling to Sri Lanka for the first time

My name is Rade, and I am a single 56 year old who lives in Canberra, Australia. I love travel. So far I have travelled to 28 countries. On Dec 26th, 2017, I landed in Sri Lanka for the first time ever, making it 29 countries and I had the most wonderful holiday for 9...
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